WET - Don't You

Musical art project in collaboration with Studio Qiu Yang. Shot by Jeroen Simons and directed by Qiu Yang, this video had it's premiere on the world famous website NOWNESS.

A Short Tour & Farewell

Trailer for a great short film. Directed and shot by good friends. RED Epic Monochrome delivered some truly impressive images. Almost entirely shot with available light in the city of Rotterdam.
Written and directed by Arash Tagarian & Mattijs Mollee
Camera by Jeroen Simons (who won an award for this thing)

Meiden van de Herengracht

Had a great time working on this 8 episode remake of the NBC original series called "Lipstick Jungle". Will add some videos of it soon. It was shot on 2 Sony F5 camera's. D.o.p. on the job was Rick David and it was produced by Endmol. So, more soon. Enjoy the following image...

Holland - Natuur in de Delta. Trailer

The summer of 2015 will be partly filled with the grading and mastering of the successor of the hugely succesfull film "De Nieuwe Wildernis". Recently we have graded the trailer for the film at Loods Lux & Lumen on the superb Nucoda. This film consists of so many different formats and codecs, whooo. It will hit the theaters September the 21st.

Wild Frontier - The Prodigy

I was fortunate enough to work on the new video of The Prodigy; Wild Frontier. In collaboration with Flow Amsterdam who took on the VFX. Produced, directed and animated by Superfelix, Mascha Halberstad.


Funny funny short movie I graded. Written & directed by Dennis Overeem, this film was featured in a series of shorts initiated by a couple of local newspapers. The films will be shown throughout Holland in cinemas. Shot by Bart Beekman on the Alexa, VFX by Robert van Spanje. BAM!

Above Us All

A stereoscopic movie, spinning around 360 degrees. I actually wrote a small piece on the finishing of this movie. Checka checka check it out... here

Gianni Schicci

Legendary opera put to film by Opera Spanga. A story about money, greed and family.
Directed by Corina van Eijk and shot by Daan de Boer on the Canon C300. This movie is RED!

Flat Earh

FLAT EARTH is an experimental film drama by Monique Verhoeckx which deals with the war experiences of her father and her young deceased grandfather. Both are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The film is an attempt by the filmmaker to connect with the impenetrable world of her granddad and her father.

This film was shot on an Alexa by Gregor Meerman. Grading performed on the Nucoda at Loods Lux & Lumen. Some pretty nice looks overall and a true joy to work on.

De Laatste Dag van de Zomer

Short feature I worked on with FilosFilm. It tells the story of three teenagers spending a day at the beach. Then, one of them receives a phonecall and it's bad news. Once again directed by Feike Santbergen and shot by Thomas Leermakers. This short was shot on super 16mm film. Grading on Nucoda Filmmaster (now just Nucoda) in P3 colorspace for mastering to DCP.

170 Hz

This one I am quite proud of. It was the first feature I graded that got a nationwide release. Also it performed really well at lots of festivals all over the world. It even won a 'golden calf' at the Dutch Film Festival. It was shot on RED by Rogier den Boer and directed by Joost van Ginkel. Remarkable fact is that the entire movie is spoken in sign language.

Die Welt

Trailer for independent feature film Die Welt. Directed by Alex Pitstra this film tells a story based on his own life. The film was shot on mainly Sony F3. We tried to grade it to a bit more rough and gritty look in Nucoda Filmmaster. The film has been doing real well lately on festivals and will see a small release in August 2013 in selected theatres.

Closing Time

A short film I graded a while ago. Directed by Brian De Vore. Mastered to DCP for festival screening.

Closing Time from Brian De Vore on Vimeo.


Trailer for a short film I graded. Cool that it was shot on 35mm. We don't get that often anymore. It was directed by Feike Santbergen and shot by Thomas Leermakers. Loods Lux & Lumen also did the DCP for this film. I quite like the moody, somewhat desaturated, cold look.

Donna Giovanna

An opera film that I graded in 2012. This is the trailer for it. Shot on RED and entirely shot in the studio using projection as backgrounds. Quite special. We went for a very saturated look which the Youtube version doesn't reflect quite well I think. Great to work on and quite a challenge to keep the look consistent all 90 minutes. Directed by Corina van Eijk for Opera Spanga.