Below a small selection of commercials I have graded. You can also check out the showreel section for more.


Y'all (myself included) should eat more healthy. That's what this commercial is all about. Produced by Canday and Endemol. Graded @ Avi-Drome.


In collaboration with production company Sounds Like Film, I got to work on this excellent branded music video. It features world famous DJ Hardwell and race driver Carmen Jorda. This film was shot mainly on the Sony F55, some FS7 and Blackmagic. The look was inspired by racing games like Project Cars and Need for Speed. Enjoy!

CLIENT: Apollo Tyres Ltd.
CONCEPT-SCRIPT: Sounds Like Film
DIRECTOR: Rogier Gerritsen
PRODUCER: Jorrit Gerritsen
EDITOR: Rogier Gerritsen
COLORIST and FACILITY: Jef Grosfeld @ Tussen Kadijken 2
GRAPHICS: Robin Douwes
2D ANIMATIONS: Hugo de Kok
3D ANIMATIONS: Klaas Rowaan, Niels van der Heijden
VISUAL FX: Floris van der Veen


Series of 3 commercials for Media Markt Belgium. Graded at PIXMIX, my Belgium friends.


Online commercial for ZEEMAN who now offer a wedding dress (yes) for only €29,99. Gabriel Bauer edited this one. Directed by Chantal Spieard. Actually one of the first jobs graded at the new office at Tussen Kadijken 2. What a joy...


Series of online commercials for Philips. All directed by Martijn van Hees for Wenneker TV. Shot by Jorrit Garretsen.


Well I guess it's that time of year again when one starts to think about throwing a barbecue party. Graded this commercial for Wijko, famous sauce, and it turned out real nice.
It was directed and shot by Harro van Schoonhoven. Produced by Alex Kosman for Shoq Studio and edited by Jelmar Hoekstra. Now, let's get outside!

Shot on Arri Alexa Graded at Loods Lux & Lumen on Nucoda
FX by Robert van Spanje at Flow Amsterdam


A series of 4 mini documentaries for Microsoft. They tell the stories of people in the creative territory, using the Surface Pro 3 (I would have liked one too you know...). These were used in full length for television broadcast and various cut-downs for both tv and online. They saw quite a massive audience and were well received. Below, please find the videos for ZEDZ (graffiti artist) and VANMOOF (of the famous bikes). Now get me a Surface Pro 3!!


Nice commercial for 'Kunstgebouw' that I graded end of 2014. Multi layer grading in Nucoda (which it just does so good). Great concept by Stefan Da Costa Gomez and Niels La Croix. Yo!

Concept/strategie & Art-direction: Stefan Da Costa Gomez (Phyntasize), Niels La Croix (NLCCC)
Productie: Stefan Da Costa Gomez (Phyntasize), Niels La Croix (NLCCC)
Copy: Mo Kruisman
Animatie: George Lambermont, Marta Krechlova (RoboMG)


Nice video I got to work on with Mattijs Mollee, Shoq-Studio and PlusOne. It was shot using the MōVI by Marijn Zurburg. Compositing by PlusOne Amsterdam.

directed by: Mattijs Mollee
dp: Marijn Zurburg
composit: PlusOne Amsterdam
production company: Shoq-Studio, Alexander Kosman
grade: Jef Grosfeld

JOHMA / DELIO salads

Series of commercials for Johma (in The Netherlands) or Delio (Belgium). Mostly shot on the incredible Phantom and some F5. Some light VFX work too by BOSTI. Directed by Sander Ligthart and edited and created by Tim Klok. Fresssshhhh

FERNANDES - Pink Melon

I've met this drink when I was in Surinam for a couple of weeks years ago. Now I got to work on a commercial for it recently. Directed by Steven Elbers for Artcore (production Stefany Rietkerk). Dancing cans by Rolf van Slooten. Cheers!

NOS NSF - Nationale Sportweek

For Green Dream Production director Feike Santbergen shot this commercial for the NOC NSF National Sportweek 2014. It was shot on 35mm by d.o.p. Thomas Leermakers. Graded on Nucoda (what else?!) at Loods Lux & Lumen.

BMW i3 - Revolution On The Road

It's been a while since I've last graded a car. Some may argue an electric vehicle isn't even a real car but I quite like this one. Online commercial campaign for the BMW i3. It was directed by Alain Friedrichs, shot by Daan Nieuwenhuijs and produced by the Telegraaf Media Groep. Graded on Nucoda at AVI-Drome, Hilversum.

DOMINO's PIZZA - Pizza Tracker

Nice commercial for Dominos Pizza. Directed by Mattijs Mollee and produced by Shoq Studios. It was shot on Alexa, graded on Nucoda. BOSTI did some work on VFX in Nuke. Now go and track your order!

VERKADE - Chocodreams

What?! More cookies? Well yes, it looks like I will become the nr. 1 cookie colorist of The Netherlands. Yes, I will consider grading foreign cookies too. So keep those requests coming. This commercial was directed by Boris Booij and shot by dp. Olav van Gerwen. Produced by Artcore / Stefany Rietkerk. VFX by BOSTI. Lovely!

LU - Time Out

Commercial for a cookie we should all accept, Time Out. It was shot in 4k on the Sony F55 and we took it to quite a warm experience. This TVC was directed by Marc Pos at Brand New Telly, who also produced the video. Graded in ACES on the Nucoda Filmmaster at Loods Lux & Lumen Amsterdam.


A short commercial we work on yearly. These are shown nation wide in cinemas playing movies for kids during the festival. Directed by Camiel Zwart, shot by Paul Caspers on the famous Arri Alexa. Graded in Nucoda for DCP so P3 on the Dolby PRM4200. What a joy,


Series of one TVC and 4 Tag-ons. Quite heavily graded R3D material in Nucoda Filmmaster. Nice to be allowed to push things a little bit further sometimes. Added a whole lot of flare effects. Directed by Dennis Roelofs @ movingart and shot by Max Maloney.


Recently I have worked on this commercial, shot on 2 perf 35mm. Directed by Mattijs Mollee, produced by Vaudeville. It was great to work on 35mm for a change. To my opinion you should not try to compare digital to analog as they both represent a totally different feel. 35mm suits this commercial well I think and it turned out pretty good.


A series of three commercials to promote television station Film 1. They were all shot on RED (I think scarlets) and graded, as usual, on Nucoda.


Commercial I did a while back but I still quite like its look. It was shot on the Arri Alexa and, being a tradition, we've kept the bleak and somewhat desaturated look. As with any advertisement for cars we had to clean the car from all its unwanted reflections and give it a nice and vibrant color. Great stuff to work on. Directed by Andre Maat, shot by Daan Nieuwenhuis and produced by WeAreWill.


Series of a few commercials for 'Doctors Without Borders'. Three television commercials, some tag-on video's and web versions. Shot on the Sony F5, graded on Nucoda. Added some lens flares to finish it off. Directed by Martijn van Hees (MetWie), shot by Steve Walker and produced by Brand New Telly Industries.


A commercial I graded on Nucoda Filmmaster for PLAN NL. It was shot on RED Epic by Reinier van Brummelen, a DP whom I have worked for for years. It was directed by Steven Elbers @ Artcore.


Green is the color. Working on this online commercial for Dutch bank ABN AMRO. Theire color is green. Together with dp Gabor Deak we found a nice way to add a little green touch to every shot, without ruining the clean and neutral look. At least... that's what I think. Works really well. Directed by Mattijs Mollee.

Holland Festival - Oum Kalthoum tribute

This one is a little older but hey.. don't deny your past right? Directed by the great Mattijs Mollee, working for Pinkrabbit. I think it was shot on the Canon 5D, back when that was still cool. Just kidding peeps!