Documentaries. I have graded numerous and I still enjoy it very much. Good to see that nowadays more attention is paid to finishing these - often - low budget films. Sometimes grading documentaries provides an even greater challenge than i.e. commercials (which are usually shot in perfect conditions). I really enjoy fixing imperfect, white balanced shots.

So, below, a few trailers for docs I have worked on. Enjoy.

Boudewijn de Groot - Kom nader

In this documentary Dutch artist Boudewijn de Groot says goodbye on stage to his hits and he works on new, often very personal songs. For the first time, he allows a camera to come behind the scenes and into his private space. His children and his friends reflect on half a century of his life and career, and they wonder at how Boudewijn has remained such as mystery, even to them. The film goes on a musical road trip through time and sets out to discover who this introverted man really is.

Directed by Suzanne Raes. Shot by Benito Strangio. Graded at Loods Lux & Lumen.

The Accidental Rockstar

Norwegian co-production I gladly got to work on. It tells the story about Norwegian band Kaisers Orchestra, their rise to fame and how to deal with it. Nice combination of fictional parts and documentary material. Lots and lots of different formats. Already released in Norway and soon in other countries. Directed by Igor Devold, produced by Ingvil Giske in co-production with Trueworks. Rock!

Sexy Money

A musical documentary about the emancipation of Nigerian women who have been exploited and humiliated as prostitutes in Europe and now, filled with a lust for life, are embarking on a new life. This film was shot by the director, Karin Junger, herself. Various formats were used. It was graded in the holy Nucoda Filmmaster at Loods Lux & Lumen, Amsterdam. Nice to see we got to really kick the material's ASS.

Produced by: de Productie / René Goossens


Lovely film about an old fisherman somewhere in Kenya called Mashoud, who believes in his stories, stories which paint a picture of a world of fantasy where the sea has a spirit, men can talk to fish, and seahorses dance on the waves.

It was shot by Lennert Verstegen, directed by Jeroen van Velsen and produced by SNG Film. This film was mastered to DCP and was received really well at festivals. It was fun working on this film as we got to push grading a little further than usual (with documentaries). Nice one!

Lost Down Memory Lane - Verdwaald in het Geheugenpaleis

A co-production between Belgium and The Netherlands. This film tells the story of a group of elderly people, who suffer from Alzheimer, living together in an appartment called Iduna near Antwerp, Belgium. These eight individuals are followed during one year by using different narrative levels: the daily routine, breaking it and their life stories. Only in that way the audience can discover who they are, who they were and what ultimately remains.

The film was directed by Klara van Es, shot by Mark Sanders. Production by Memphis Film & TV and Associated Directors. It was shot on the SI2K camera which gives the film its unique look and feel. We finished it on Nucoda Filmmaster in 2k and was released in cinemas on DCP.

Peace Beyond Borders

Short documentary about the tribal wars in Kenya, Uganda and Sudan. Directed by Nanno Jiskoot who also produced this film. Shot by Bas Zwartepoorte. Will try and post some more of this movie. Looked pretty

Justice for Sale

Justice for Sale follows Claudine, a young and courageous human rights lawyer, in her struggle against injustice and widespread impunity in Congo. Claudine uncovers a system where the basic principles of law are virtually ignored. When the system fails, everyone is a victim.

Shot on XDCAM by Rogier Timmermans and directed by Ilse & Femke van Velzen.


Very controversial and discussed documentary which is the sequel to the first part called 'Raw'. It tells the story about Tom and his mother who is feeding him only raw food. Directed by Anneloek Sollart.

Kids & Docs

Kids & Docs is a yearly series of short documentaries (docs...) featuring children (kids...). These are often made by young directors. I have graded quite a few of these and below are some of those.