Hey there. My name, actually, is Jef Grosfeld. Why Kid Jef? Well in need of a name for my personal company I was listening to one of my all time favorite albums: Kid A by Radiohead (you SHOULD know it). Kid Jef was born soon afterwards.

I am a professional colorist for film and video productions. Based in The Netherlands I have worked on many many films, documentaries, commercials and television shows. In working on all these various productions I try and find a balance between creating beautiful pictures, maintaining the best possible quality and satisfy the client to his taste. My ambition is to expand my services abroad and work wherever I can.

Currently I run an incredible Mistika Ultima system by SGO. It's up in the very top of the industry and truly offers everything you would possibly need to finish just about every job. Also I am a very experienced Nucoda user, a great tool. In the past I have worked on Baselight, some Resolve (meeeh) and others.

Right now, all booking goes through Tussen Kadijken 2, a new company I have started with editor Jelmar Hoekstra. Yeah we're changing the name in the future. I am available in some scenarios to work outside of this business. Mostly in foreign countries.

Thanks again for taking a peek on this website, it is well appreciated.